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Why is uncontrolled air leakage important?

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As its name implies, uncontrolled air leakage is outdoor airflow into buildings that is not planned or intended. While some level of outdoor air is important, too much will increase energy use, and in hot-humid climates like Florida’s, introduce a lot of moisture. This air may also be pulled into the building from undesirable locations such as the attic or garage. In more extreme cases, uncontrolled airflow can lead to significant indoor air quality issues. As houses become more airtight, outdoor air is brought in via whole-house mechanical ventilation to decrease indoor pollutant concentrations, but unlike uncontrolled air leakage, mechanical ventilation allows control over how much air is brought in and the location from which it is drawn.

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How is a Blower Door Test completed?

As one of our newest services, we will install a special door fitted with a very powerful fan (blower) to suck air from the interior of the house, causing it to depressurize.  Special monitors will track the amount of air that enters the home through cracks, seams, drafts and other holes in the building’s enclosure from the exterior.  This blower door test will also measure the quality of the indoor air and any moisture or condensation problems that may have gone undetected.

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